Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss, both in males and females, is a common condition treated successfully by Dr. Max Adler at Max Adler Dermatology in Plano TX.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes that 80 million men and women in America have hereditary hair loss (alopecia). It can affect just the hair on your scalp or your entire body. Although alopecia is more prevalent in older adults, excessive hair loss can occur in children as well. With many types of hair loss such as:

  • Pattern hair loss
  • Medical condition related hair loss (such as thyroid, alopecia areata, scalp infections, anemia, and hormone)
  • Stress-related hair loss
  • Traction alopecia (from tight hair styles)

Call today and let our professional team help you find the right solution to address your hair loss today!

Treatment & Diagnosis of Hair Loss

Treatment options may vary depending on the official diagnosis. Once Dr. Adler determines the cause of the hair loss, he may recommend treatments. Some treatments may be as follows:

  • Medication (such as Finasteride, Minoxidil, or Rogaine)
  • PRP Scalp Injections (Please attach a link here for a page about PRP Scalp once I have more information on this)
  • Corticosteroids

Restore Your Hair Today!

At Max Adler Dermatology, we are excited to offer a variety of treatment options for those that are experiencing hair loss, from mild to sever cases. Don’t wait until your hair is falling out to consider treatment for your hair restoration. Call our office in Plano or Dallas, TX today to schedule your private consultation to learn more.

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