As many of you have heard, we have made the decision to reopen our office for both medical dermatology and aesthetics patients from May 18th,  based on the guidance from the Governor of Texas, CDC guidelines, and the City of Plano.

We will ease into the reopening with Tuesday and Thursday first(other days are strictly by appointments only) and gradually open up more days during the week balancing the safety and promptness of services. Please check our latest schedule updates on our social media, website.

Dr. Adler and his team have made some changes to the way we handle our everyday tasks, and there are some changes that we need your cooperation as well. All of these changes are being made for the safety of both the staff and our patients.

1.  Avoid “Walk-in”

Even we are open for Tuesdays and Thursdays, we strongly encourage all our patients to make appointments before they come to the office(We might be able to accommodate same-day appointments if your case warrants it). This is due to the fact that we have to space our appointments much further apart to ensure your safety. You can call us any time at (972) 388-3627 (DOCS) for an appointment. We will return your call within 12 hours.

  1. Please come alone to your appointment.

    As we need to minimize the number of people in the office. Please come to your appointment alone. If you have someone drive you to the appointment, they will need to stay outside the office.  If you need to bring a minor child or an adult who needs assistance, please let us know ahead of time before your appointment. We will try our best to make arrangements to accommodate.

  2. Protective face coverings are required for everyone in the Clinic.

    We request that you wear a protective face covering or mask when you come to the office. We will ask you to remove your mask, if needed, for your exam or treatment. Should you arrive to the office without wearing a mask or protective face covering, a protective mask will be provided to you.

  3. Additional COVID19 related questions

    As fever is an important indication associated with COVID19 infection, we will be closely monitoring the body temperatures of everyone in our clinic including our staff. Anyone, including staff, who has a temperature over 100 will be asked to reschedule their appointment and will be encouraged to contact your medical provider for follow-up. If you know that you have a fever or any of the respiratory symptoms, please call us ahead of time and reschedule your appointment. When you arrive in our clinic, you will be asked to fill out a new COVID19 questionnaire. If there is any indication, our staff will reschedule your appointment.

  4. Touch-less (as possible) for your visit.

You now have the option to use paper or iPad to check-in. In an effort to minimize the amount of paperwork that is handled back and forth in the office, you may receive medical history updates or consent forms through email. We will ask you to sign and return those through email or fax prior to your appointment, along with a copy of your insurance card. Also, insurance changes can be requested through email. If you have not shared your email address with us already, please call us at (972)388-3627(DOCS) or email us at with your email address so we can email you this paperwork electronically. With your email, we can also set you up with your own patient portal access.

We remain grateful to our patients, staff, and partners for their support displayed during the time when our office was temporarily closed. We look forward to seeing you all soon in our office. Thanks for many of you, who have been patiently waiting for our insurance clearances since before the virus outbreak. Now that we are cleared by Medicare, BCBS, Aetna, and others (The List is too long). Please call our office to confirm your insurance coverage if this is your first time visiting or returning to Dr. Adler’s practice.

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon (If you are still unsure about our safety measures, please feel free to check with our office staff or visit us via telemedicine. Our staff will be able to arrange it for you. If you would like to order products, you can either purchase them online or call us in the office. We will ship them to you Free of Charge).

Again, thank you for your continued confidence in Dr. Adler and his team.