A: No skin rash is typical for COVID-19 infection. Dermatologists are seeing the following:

(1) Hive reactions-itch terribly with redness and swelling and move around
(2) scattered small red to pink bumps called papules. These can be seen with any viral infection
(3) pinpoint spots called petechia, basically tiny bleeding points in the skin-often most on lower extremities.
Simply, there is no skin rash that is absolutely typical for Coronavirus.
But remember, we are all under a lot of stress and stress worsens skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.
My office is open Tuesday and Thursday for limited hours to see those who must be seen. We spread patients out to avoid being too close. For those who have not visited my new office, our clinic has 5,500 square feet of space. We have more than 6 feet apart to safeguard the “social distancing” standard.
There is no need to suffer in silence if you have a suspicious rash or other really uncomfortable skin conditions, call us today for a risk-controlled in-office appointment.