My Dear Patients,

Never before have we seen such an upset in our daily lives. Our schools, work, and relationships are changed and normal are disrupted for everyone. That doesn’t change the fact we need to go on living and adapt. It’s vitally important we keep ourselves mentally sharp and physically fit.

Many are now working from home, staying home more and traveling less. I’m working less, but still seeing patients who need to be seen, and performing skin cancer surgeries. We space patients out with rooms cleaned after each visit. I am encouraged by my patients who maintain normalcy as much as possible, taking care of themselves and in many cases attending to things previously neglected-such as skin examinations and treatment of skin conditions. Students home from school are caring for acne and eczema better than before. Adult men and women are seeking advice on skincare, sun protection, and we often talk about THE VIRUS, e.g., why social distancing and masks are important. Often, I find myself interpreting the statistics of COVID 19 for their better understanding and comfort.

As your dermatologist, I am adapting to keep the “normalcy” for your skincare in this “social distance” world:

  •  In addition to discouraging “walking in” patients, we are offering telemedicine to those who are less comfortable coming to the office but still need to consult. (Just call the office number 972-388-3627 to schedule a virtual visit)
  • We are also reaching out to some of you, who have ongoing care needs, on an individual basis for the continuity of care.
  • Meanwhile, we will be providing more patient education materials on our social media channels and websites. Make sure you follow us on FB, IG and website for our latest updates.

Through all of this, I am available in the office on an appointment basis. My advice through all of these: Try to

  • Keep life as normal as possible,
  • Take care of your families, 
  • Be kind to each other and make positive changes. 


Dr. Max F. Adler