Acne is one of the most commonly treated conditions in Dermatology.  It can be referred to as bumps, pus bumps, and even a rash.  Some patients don’t like to even think they have acne.  It affects us on every level-our appearance and even affects our psychological outlook on life.  Basically, acne is plugged pores.  The pore is the follicular unit.  That’s where the hair follicle is, as well as the oil gland.  A plug can be superficial such as a blackhead or a whitehead, or deeper such as a red bump or even deeper as a pus bump.  Essentially, we are dealing with a plugged pore.  In some patients, the involvement can spread from hair follicle to hair follicle and become cystic acne-much deeper, more tender, and more likely to scar.

Usually, we see acne on the face, however, in some patients we see chest, back, and shoulder involvement as well.