Helping people: Improving acne so a person can face the world with confidence; identifying a potentially lethal skin cancer and removing it, and from a perfectly cosmetic standpoint, improving the appearance and function of skin with medications and laser procedures.

Continuing education is absolutely necessary with all the advances that have been made in medicine in general and in Dermatology.  I just recently attended the Dallas meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and several conferences on the latest in fillers and injection techniques.  Several journals provide up to date information as well. About a year ago, I attended a five-day conference on Wilderness Medicine in Santa Fe. The Dermatology portion was fantastic. We also covered diving and high altitude medical concerns and even learned what to do when a bear attack is imminent. It might seem strange for a Dermatologist to attend, but I honestly feel that in a natural or man-made disaster I can be truly useful.