For deeper lines and wrinkles, our CORE CO2 laser for fractional laser resurfacing is indispensable. Fractional resurfacing means that only a fraction of the surface is treated at one time, leaving Areas of skin to resurface smoothly and make sure that normal pigmentation is maintained. Numbing of the surface ensures a comfortable procedure.  Recovery times vary with the areas treated and the energy used.  A superficial treatment can heal in as little as 4-5 days. The entire Facial surface can be treated or we can concentrate on specific areas such as around the eyes or the mouth.  We often combine CORE treatment with other procedures to get the best result. Costs vary with the areas treated.  Many patients rely on Care Credit to allow them to do procedures and look their best by the holidays.  Plus, Max Adler Dermatology offers an easy consultation for laser procedures so patients can be comfortable with the entire process and learn about the best treatment options for them.